Alexa Riley Mini ARC Reviews

Guilty Pleasure
  • something, such as a movie, television program, or piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard.

You know by now that Alexa Riley books are a guilty pleasure of mine and I love everything that they put out. It has my favorite things. Positive alpha males, insta love, and sweet happy ever afters. I always rate Alexa Riley book different than other reads. I know a lot of people don’t like insta love and over the top stories, but I do. So skip these mini reviews if those aren’t your thing and I’ll be back with my other reviews!

39920667 Kate was forced to live with her uncle when she was little and was kept locked away. Then one night she found out her uncle was going to use her as collateral in a bet, and she knew she had to break free. But when she did, she never imagined she’d run straight into trouble with the king.

James is ruler of all that’s around him, and he has to keep the peace in his kingdom. When a trespasser is brought before him, he isn’t prepared for what happens next. He’s ready to stake his claim and take what he wants. He’s the king, after all.

Warning: This obsessive ruler is just what the palace ordered! Grab your tiara and get ready to celebrate the Royal Wedding with some fluffy, fun insta-love.

Five Gold StarsSo this quick read is here just in time for the royal wedding! I’ve read a lot by Alexa Riley but I don’t think that I’ve read a royal one. I loved it! This one was perfect!  

James and Kate (like Duchess Kate!) were perfect together! James was a big teddy bear when it came to her and I just couldn’t get enough of reading about him trying to stay in control!

This was so damn cute and I devoured it. Kate thought she was all alone living with her sketchy Uncle and got herself a King. A growling alpha male kind of King! 

What more can I say? 


40006760Morgan is just looking to have a fun spring break until her workaholic mom brings along her new boyfriend. But when she ditches the two of them she ends up lost in a swamp, ankle deep in mud, and facing down a gator the size of Godzilla.

Rixen has been praying for God to send him his angel, his rightful mate who will live with him in the swamp and bear his children. When he finds the strawberry-blonde beauty before him in danger, he doesn’t hesitate to save her. Then claim his reward.

Warning: Okay, so, um, this is amazing terrible. This is so over the top, it’s on top of over the top. This book is on the level of ridiculous that surpasses all our stunts before this. You know what happens when we team up with Jessa Kane…but this is hands down the best/worst we’ve ever done. And we’re so proud we could wrestle a gator. Spoiler: There’s a lot of animal wrestling ahead. Grab your overalls and bug spray, we’re going in the bayou.

four starsThis was I would expect seeing Alexa Riley’s name on it. I haven’t read what they have written with Jessa Kane before, but now I might just have to. However, I think this was the was the most over the top thing they have ever written. While it was over the top, I just devoured it!

This was so smutty and I was living for it! I will always have different rating system when it comes to their books. As usual, it includes insta love and tons of hot moments. It was just over the I was fanning myself while tearing up my kindle when I realized it was over.

I could live without all the “daddy” references to Rixen but other than that, it was the smutty goodness that I expect from them.

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