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Claiming His Mountain Bride by Madison Faye

26804599_10155552890294022_6637910503088118763_nMy mountain. My cabin. My woman – she
just doesn’t know it yet.
I left civilization and my demons a long time ago, seeking solitude up on Blackthorn mountain. Just
one ex-marine, a remote cabin, and the wilderness, with no distractions.But then she turns up, blowing in with a winter’s blizzard like a very fucking big distraction.Blonde, beautiful, and mouthy as all hell, even when I save her from freezing that sweet little ass off.A rough mountain man like me should want nothing to do with a rich little city girl like Katrina. Except one look at her sweet, tempting curves, and one taste of those sassy, pouty lips, and I want everything to do with her.I saved her from freezing, but maybe it’s her who’s going to save my frozen heart.

We’re trapped up here for the storm, locked in a cabin with only the heat between us to keep us warm. Her wealthy, city family thinks they can marry her off to some rich little shit. But they’re very wrong.

My mountain. My cabin. My woman.

I’ll make Katrina my bride, and I’ll be damned if I let them take her from me.

I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review!

4 stars

Katrina just found out her fiance was cheating on her at a dinner with him and her parents. She breaks up with him and flees to her Uncle Stans cabin. That cabin has always been her go to place when she wanted to be alone.
Throw in an alpha male, a blizzard, and some hot chemistry and you got yourself this book. I loved Braun and Katrina together!

This was quick sexy read that ends in an HEA.

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