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Escape the Sea (Saved by Pirates #1) by G. Bailey| Review

Seven towns. Seven seas. The seven council. The seven words every person lives by.The sea is lost, pirates are death.

Cassandra should have been killed at birth, like all the other children who have powers like her.

The changed ones.

The ones who started the war, lost the seas and killed millions with their gifts.

Lucky for Cassandra, her father is on the council. One of the seven rulers of her large town and has kept her hidden her entire life.

When she is seen for the first time, she has no choice but to run and the only place she can go is to the sea.

To the pirates and a certain death.

At least that is what she thinks. When she meets six handsome pirates and they take her on board their ship, she learns about a whole new world.

If only she can protect her heart when they all desire to own it.

This is a reverse harem trilogy. 

3 stars

I actually like this more than I thought I would!

The beginning was really slow for me, but I can understand that we needed the information the get along in the story. Towards the end, I feel like it picked up and by the end is when I had to know more. Thank goodness I don’t have to wait that long for the next part of this trilogy.

Our story starts with Cassandra. We find out that she is being hidden by her father and that she is a Chosen One. Chosen ones were thought to blessed by the sea and were once loved by everyone. Now they are despised, hunted and killed by order of the king. Her father is a member of the council. They make all the decisions on the island. From enforcing the laws, to how much food they think people get to eat. The people of the island do anything they ask because they give them food.

Since her father is well off, he’s hidden Cassandra from the outside world. Anybody who finds out about her pays for the consequences. Sadly Cassandra just feels lonely and trapped in her father’s house. The only people who know about her are her father, her teacher and her teacher’s daughter.

quotation-marks-leftHis only child and one he has to hide. I know that my father cares for me, but he doesn’t know what to do with me anymore.

We only get little snippets of backstory on the Chosen Ones. I’m hoping that we get more information in the second book.

quotation-marks-leftBecause the Sea God kisses his special children on the forehead. Leaving a mark. The Sea God chooses them and gives them untold power.

Now, these were not the kind of pirates that I was expecting. I mean that in a good way! Every single one of them were so sweet and always considerate of Cassandra. It was hard not to fall for them right along with Cassandra.

quotation-marks-leftCassandra belongs to us, and no one is taking her.

This ends on a cliffhanger and I really need to know how whats going to happen next. Overall, this book surprised me and I will definitely keep reading.


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