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Most Anticipated Releases (December 2017)

Hey guys!  I’m anticipating quite a few book releases this month. (Nothing new here right?) I doubt I’m going to read any of them this month since I’m barely going to finish my TBR pile, but new books still call for excitement and fangirling. The books I’m anticipating this month are:

  • Over Us, Over You – Whitney G

 It should be a known fact that Whitney G is auto buy for me. I just love her books.

  • Man Hands – Sarina Bowen & Tanya Eby

I have been seeing this all over Goodreads by people who were lucky enough to get this early and now I feel like I just have to buy this and cherish it. 

  • Sinful Empire (Mount Trilogy #3) – Meghan March

I don’t want this series to be over but I also need to know what happened after Defiant Queen because that ending was just cruel.

  • Miss Mechanic – Emma Hart

If this is anything like Miss Fix-It, then sign me up!

  • Allison’s Adventure in Underland – C.M. Stunich

I really don’t know what to expect from this but it is reverse harem and that is my guilty pleasure alone. Throw in some Alice in Wonderland vibes and I’m sold. 

What new release are you excited about?


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