Fake (The Scarab Beetle #3) by C.L. Stone

24359115Still on the hunt for her missing brother, Kayli Winchester’s life amid the Academy team comes to an abrupt halt when she and Brandon are kidnapped. Mistaken for his identical twin brother, Brandon’s life is threatened unless he helps a team of criminals hack into a secret underground cellular network and exploit it.The cunning Kayli makes a daring escape. With Brandon still held prisoner, she turns to the guys to help save him. Despite the team of Axel, Marc, Corey and Raven working tirelessly, this desperate search and rescue mission quickly changes into submission to the kidnappers. If the team doesn’t give the bad guys what they want, someone will die.
It’s unavoidable: they’re going to need to bring in outside help… help that will come at a high price. Saving the guys might require Kayli to do the unthinkable, and may shatter the team forever.

3 stars

This book was disappointing for me. Kaylie is still indecisive about all her feelings for and about the guys. I just really want to see her actually get to know the guys more instead of just kissing them and being so confused. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the steamy moments but I wish that she would actually talk to them more and find out more about them.
Which brings me to my main pet peeve about Kaylie. The guys are always helping her out and she risked a lot to save them, but why is still not trusting them and second-guessing them?
Oh well, let’s move on to the next book. 

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